Sunday, May 21, 2017

Game Recap: Rabbits Eliminate Eagles on 2 Run Homer from Teddy

In life, there are moments that are beyond words. There are moments that take your breath away, and moments that are simply overwhelming.  Most of these moments happen independently through the course of your life.

Yesterday, all of these instances happened at the same time.   

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rabbits Win By...... 6 (Audio Inside)

After dropping game 1 to Lake Ridge on Thursday night, the Jackrabbits needed a win in Game 2 to stay alive in this best of 3 series.  As we got under way in the top of the first, the Lake Ridge Eagles took a 1-0 lead.  After that, the Jackrabbits took over as they scored 2 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd and 3 in the 3rd for a 7-1 Lead.  

Regional Semifinals Game 1 Audio

Here is the audio from last night's Game 1 of the Regional Semifinals vs Lake Ridge

My apologies for this starting in the 2nd inning. With the pregame moment of silence, prayer and national anthem, I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to turn the stream recorder on. This picks up at the top of the 2nd inning.